Rex in New York


His son, having reached the limits of his patience with his mother, ran away from home that summer, following a folk music festival and intending to travel on to the east coast to his father afterwards. He lost his nerve at the great distance to be covered and instead returned to California where his mother had him locked up in Juvenile Hall for two weeks.

An apparently abrupt breakdown by his second wife over her own frustrations with his problems, brought an end to his marriage.

When the grant that had funded the school at the Museum of Modern Art ended he opnened his own school in Greenwich Village not far from his studio on St Marks Place. Increasingly he felt out of place, surrounded by the trendiness of first Pop Art and then Mimalism and Photo Realism. He felt alienated from the art world he had come to find in New York.To compensate for his disappointments he painted and sculpted more and more, aswell as drinking heavily.

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