Friends and neighbors became people such as a dancer with Martha Graham named Georgia, up and coming director Gordon Parks Jr. and Juan Luis and Raphael Bunuel, whose father was hitting his stride with American audiences as director. He felt he was going somewhere finally.

A gallery, The Brata gave him a show or two. Aubi helped him acquire a studion on Spruce Street downtown in a former shoe factory. An even better loft was located when the city evicted them and Rex and Aubi moved to the increasingly hipper St. Marks Place in 1964.

He made efforts at locating gallery representation but his struggles with self esteem and depression over the family left on the west coast, sapped his confidence.

Eventually he found a position teaching painting at the school in the basement of The Museum of Modern Art to adults in a similar context to the classes in Berkeley.

A meeting at a party with an executive secretary for a Broadway producer led to a serious affair and a second marriage. His new wife, Aubi, encouraged him to organize himself with more discipline and determination. She helped him to find a better studio and introduced him to friends and acquaintances in the more successful strata of New York bohemian society of the early sixties.

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